Mushroom Log is an altered quest in Alpha We Happy Few. It is currently known as An Awkward Courtship.


  • Stealthily harvest mushrooms 0/5
  • Eavesdrop on the couple
  • Return to the Mushroom Log tomorrow night
  • Sneak a few more mushrooms 0/5
  • Eavesdrop some more
  • Come back tomorrow night
  • Abscond with the fungi 0/5
  • Listen in some more
  • Revisit the Log
  • Absquatulate with the Agaric 0/5
  • Lend an ear
  • Come back again tomorrow night
  • Steal the Saprophytes 0/5
  • Hear them out
  • Pick up their spare gear


The player had to sneak up and listen to the couple's conversation, mushrooms would grow besides the two that the player also had to take without them noticing.

The player had to do the same tasks each night until the quest was over.

The quest has since been altered.

Changes Edit

  • The player could walk up to the couple and get their names, Eric Wood and Ellen May.
  • Mushrooms actually grew on the log, this doesn't happen anymore. However, sometimes the mushrooms wouldn't spawn.
  • A weapon didn't spawn in the basket, probably a bug.
  • There were no bushes to hide in, seems like the couple wouldn't care if the player was standing in front of them either.
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