Murray Davis is the owner and manager of the Avalon Hotel in the Lightbearer DLC. He severally dislikes Nick Lightbearer, having to clean up the damages he causes at the hotel during every fan convention, despite Nick saying the company will pay for it they never do.

Nick, disguised as a bellboy, comes across him in the lobby. Murray orders him to carry Constable Burne-Jones's bag up to his room and forget anything he sees up there. He then heads off to see about the fan who got stuck in the vents.

If the player goes up to Murray at the reception desk he will say this:

  • I should turn off the hot water in his suite, see how he likes that.
  • I wonder what his fans would think of him if someone told them his real age?
  • I should just give out copies of the room key. See if anything's left after the fans are done.
  • Maybe I'll ask the room service to add an extra tranquilizer or two to his supper.
  • If that has_been trashes one more of my rooms. I'll tell the bobbies about his "Spcial Deliveries."

Trivia Edit

  • He seems to be in a relationship with Constable Burne-Jones, judging by the Love Letter Nicks finds in his bag.
    • There is also a "Tunnel of Love" that connects their rooms.
  • When examining the Manager's Plea note, it shows that even if the fans are the ones doing the damages he still puts the blame on Nick.

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