Mrs. Pankhurst is a Wellie (specifically, a Crier) residing in Hamlyn Village, on Maidenholm. She runs a shop from within her apartment named "A Stitch in Time", a small clothes and textile boutique where she buys textiles and sells self-made clothes.

Events in We Happy FewEdit

Act One Edit

Arthur comes pass Mrs Pankhurst who is jumping up and down in a motilene spill, believing it to be rain. Getting her attention with flowers Arthur tells her she's jumping in motilene. Realising this Pankhurst moves out of the way. She explains how she loves jumping in rain puddles, Pankhurst asks Arthur him for raincoat cloth and a sewing kit, in exchange to teach him the secret to how to sew.

She tells him the secret is to put a needle through the fabric.

Act TwoEdit

Due to Sally Boyle lacking any sort of sewing skills, she cannot craft any clothing items and has to buy them from Mrs. Pankhurst. When Sally comes to buy things from her, Pankhurst askes Sally for a favor to get her an invitation to the Reform Club. Sally agrees and after buying an invitation from the Odds & Ends Shop, she gives it Mrs. Pankhurst who is under the impression that the Reform Club is a place where they discuss how to reform things like the government, being wholly unaware of its true nature.

Sally, wishing to save Pankhurst from a nasty surprise, tells her not to go there, but Mrs. Pankhurst answers Sally that she does not intend to go there in the first place, due to the club being open too late at night for her taste. Pankhurst simply wishes to have the invitation so as to no feel excluded from the club, again being wholly unaware of its true nature. 

Trivia Edit

  • Mrs Pankhurst's name is likely based off Emmeline Pankhurst a British political activist and organizer of the British suffragette movement who helped women win the right to vote. Pankhurst's talk about reforming the government is likely a nod to this.
  • Mrs. Pankhurst's lives in the same building as Cap'n Strawbeard, with her apartment being located right above his.
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