Mrs. Boyle is the mother of Anne Boyle, Elizabeth Boyle and Sally Boyle.

History Edit

Not much is known about Mrs. Boyle's past, she married Mr. Boyle and got three children. She also used to work as a seamstress when she was alive.

When Germany demanded Britain to send their children away, Mrs. Boyle refused to do so as she cared too much about her daughters. She decided to poison the entire family using foxglove mixed in with the stew they ate, but spared Sally's life.

Relationships Edit

Sally Edit

Several of Sally's memories depict Mrs. Boyle arguing with her, constantly berating her about her cleverness, stubborness as well as her liking for chemistry.

Trivia Edit

  • Her first name is never revealed.
  • Sally wonders if her mother set up that fight on purpose so that she wouldn't take the foxglove.
  • She took Anne and Elizabeth to see the hanged "traitors", to show them what bravery is.
  • It's implied by the Weird Sisters that Sally got her interest in chemistry from her mother's knowledge of herbalism.
  • In one memory she doubted that Sally would ever be mother.
  • Her granddaughter is Gwen Boyle.
  • The hairstyle she has cannot be found on any other female Wellie in Hamlyn Village, though it does show up on the female followers of the Jacobean Society. This same hairstyle can also be found on the female statue in Dogberry Park.
  • In the memory Sally gets when she visits her old home, the two girls that Mrs. Boyle is holding uses Margaret Worthing's character model.
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