"Bitter dankechoens"

"My memories are all coming back. It's horrible. I try to think only about nice things, but whenever I walk around these old streets I can see her running up and down

Does she remember me, do you think? She was so young. Practising her bitter dankechoens. I wonder where they took her. And why they stopped writing.

I try to think what Stanley would say, but he's no use at all. He never was.

I don't know how much longer I can handle all this."

"There is that hatch on Apple Holm"

"If only I could flee to the mainland. There must be some people out there, otherwise did we trade all of the food with all those years?

But the Bridge is in the Parade District.

I suppose there is that subway hatch that Stanley was always nattering on about, on Apple Holm. Stanley said one of his mates had a boat in there. You could row to the Parade he said.

That ridiculous man, always talking rubbish. They've been dumping poison in Apple Holm for years. The fumes would kill you in half a minute. Why on Earth did I marry such an idiot? I miss him so."


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