Dearest Archie:

I doubt you'll ever read this darling. But if you do, please forgive me. I know you wanted me to wait for the fourth flavour , but I couldn't. The vomiting was bad enough. But the memories came back. They began screaming, every day, all day. And the steam whistle, and those horrible huge steel wheels. Every day.

I still hear them, out there. But it's quiet. If you talk to them a bit, they quiet down. Even though you know you're lying to them, and they know it. It's a ghost town here, the streets are crowded with ghosts. Most of them are friends.

But there is very little to eat. I'd hope to make my money last a bit longer, but I put it in a safe for keeping, and I've lost my key. You'd mock me for a silly woman, but I haven't eaten in days.

I think if I get the safe up to the roof, I can drop it onto the pavement, and if all goes well, it will break open. I wish you were here to help. You're so good mechanically.


Arthur will comment "She must've felt so stupid falling. But she did get the safe open."

Sally will comment "Not a very well made safe, is it?"

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