Mrs. Marleys' corpse.

Mrs. Marley is a deceased wastrel who's body can be found in Eel Pie Holm.

Appearance Edit

Mrs. Marley has short black hair, brown eyes and a torn red and white dotted dress.

When searching her body, she will always have a rock and a rotten mushroom, any other loot is randomised. Upon searching her, Arthur will comment "Oh, great! Now I've got a rock". Sally on the other hand will say "Stone soup, eh?"

Events of We Happy Few Edit

Act One Edit

She is always found alongside an open safe filled with 9 sovereign coins and two carrots. On top of the safe is a note for late husband Archie. Arthur Hastings comes her before recognising who she is. He comments on how he's become a ghoul.

Act Two Edit

When Sally first comes across Mrs. Marley, she will state that taking both Chocolate and Vanilla Joy at the same time can loose your balance, possibly revealing the cause of her death.

Related Notes Edit

Mrs.Marleys' Letter

Trivia Edit

  • Her first name is never revealed to the player.
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