Mr. Hastings is the father of Arthur and Percival Hastings and widower husband of Maeve O'Naill. Not much is known about him, other then he had a strained relationship with his son Percival.

History Edit

Mr. Hastings married his wife, Maeve O'Naill, at some point between the late 1920's and early 1930's. His oldest son, Percival "Percy" Hastings, was born in 1932. On October 12th 1934, his second son, Arthur Ernest Hastings, was born. During WWII Germany Occupation over Great Britain he tried to get Arthur going to Germany for the Authority Project.

After learning Arthur escaped the train station by a supposed 'birthdate mix-up' on their cards, he urges him to talk about the situation further. He later takes in Sally Boyle (after her mother poisoned the family). In 1948 he buries his wife Maeve under a tree in Eel Pie Holm.

Some time during the 1950's, when Sally was 16 years of age, he forces her to have sex with him or else he'd kick her out of the house.

During the events of We Happy Few it's unclear if he's still alive or not, though it's likely that he isn't.

Memories Edit

Relationships Edit

Maeve O'Naill - Not much information is said about their relationship together, other than being married.

Arthur Ernest Hastings - Arthur and him are shown to have a rocky father and son relationship. He seemingly favours him over Percy. Not much is said about their current status after Arthur left home.

Percival "Percy" Hastings - He and Percy had a strained relationship between the two, due to his disability. He may or may not have been relieved when he learned about what Arthur did to him.

Sally Boyle - He took Sally Boyle in after her mother poisoned the family with foxglove. In 1950 he forced Sally to have sex with her, threatening to kick her out if she refuses. The two were caught by Arthur having sex together in his mother's bed. She ran out the door never to return.

Trivia Edit

  • Mr Hastings first name is never revealed.
  • He possibly forced Sally to have sex with him because of his withdrawals of his wife's passing.
  • Mr. Hastings is voiced by Michael Schaeffer, the same voice behind Roger Bacon (DLC) and Anton Verloc.
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