Morrie Memento was a former member of The Make Believes and is now a sworn enemy of Nick Lightbearer.

Before the events of Lightbearer he was kicked out of the band by Nick, believing he would upstage him eventually. Morrie now plays the piano at the bar in The Avalon Hotel.

During the DLC, he tasks Nick to steal back his piano tuner from Dottie and Dodo.

Relationships Edit

Nick Lightbearer Edit

Morrie isn't afraid to express how much he dislikes Nick, most of it has to do with Nick not only kicking him out of the band, but also in terms of Nick forgetting about him once he got on top.

Morrie desperately wants to become a bigger star than Nick, presumably as payback for what Nick did towards him. He only wants help from Nick if it'd benefit himself.

Virgil Dainty Edit

Morrie seems to be on better terms with Virgil, looking up to him in a way. He knows that Virgil was the brains behind Nick's success, and thus he believes that he'd be able to make him into a star.

Morrie doesn't know that Virgil is dead, however.


  • Morrie Memento's name is a reference to the Latin phrase Memento Mori, when translated it reads "Remember that you must die."
    • Memento is also the name of an object that is kept as a reminder of a person or event.
  • Morrie is a short form for Maurice.
  • Morrie knows what Nick is like off stage, as well as his real name.
  • Morrie is a very talented piano player, even though some (even Nick himself) regards his performances as bad.
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