Moon Juice Leech is a side quest in We Happy Few. Arthur unlocks this quest after coming across two Bobbies examining Eddie Coke's corpse close to a gate that is holding off motilene pipes.


  • Hide in the bushed and eavesdrop on the Bobbies
  • Search the corpse

In-Game DescriptionEdit

Well, well, well, wot's all dis den?

I wonder what he was after. If I can distract those bobbies I can search the corpse.


Sneak up around the park and hide in the bushes closest to the bobbies, if they are alerted by Arthur's prescense in any way, the quest will be cancelled.

During the cutscene, one of the bobbies says it's good that the spanker got Eddie, as they can't have Downers taking the "Moon Juice" from the pipes whenever they'd like. To which the other questions why he would do such a thing. Eventually they conclude that Lionel Castershire is dealing in contraband Motilene and should give him a call.

When this is done, the bobbies will walk away from the scene, allowing Arthur to search the body. Make sure no other wellie is nearby to witness him do so.

After searching his body and finding that he had a Shortspike on him, to which Arthur wonders why he didn't use it on the control box nearby, before remembering what Joy does to them.


Items that the player will gather Edit

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