Mood Booth is a device found in Hamlyn Village and the Parade District that distributes Joy Pills.


A Mood Booth (on the right side of the image)

Description Edit

Externally, the mood booth resembles the telephone booth, but the interior has been refurbished and contains a distributor for Joy Pills with three flavors: vanilla, chocolate and strawberry.

The player can use the Mood Booth to take Joy free of charge and stay with Wellies without problems. The Joy supply of a Mood Booth is limitless. If the player is in a situation where they must take Joy in order to pass through security, the Mood Booth grants easy access to Joy.

Location Edit

Mood Booths can be found throughout Hamlyn Village and in the Parade District next to the streets and are marked on the map with a Joy Pill-like icon once found. Wellies will intermittently enter them from time to time and take Joy, rendering the Mood Booth unusable for a short moment, forcing the player to wait. There is also a Mood Booth in the Wellington Wells Broadcast Tower Building for the Executive Committee members.

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