This note is found in the DLC, They Came From Below. It is found on the bed in Faraday's house on the first floor.
"I wonder if we'd ever have gotten together, if things had been different."
— Roger's quote after picking up the note.

Transcript Edit

Dearest Moo:

Have you ever wondered how a fertilised egg turns into a man? I mean one minute he's a single cell, nine months later he's waving his hands and fingers around. And he's got his personality, too! My brother Francis was always trouble. Never was happy longer than an hour, not even on his birthday. He was like that the day he came out. Wouldn't sleep. Cried all the time. Never did a nice thing for anybody unless he had a plan to get something back.

Somewhere in that tiny egg must be all the instructions for building the man. Mustn't there? A whole library full of instructions, no bigger than a strand of protein. Imagine that? An instruction set made only of molecules. Who could read such a thing? And yet it must exist, because the egg is too small to fit anything else.

I wonder why you turned into someone I love. There must be so many different dice rolled each time a baby is made, and yet they all come out the right way. I wonder what I did right that God made a man for me to love.



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