Mock Rockers is a Story Quest in the Lightbearer DLC. In begins when Nick gets on stage to warn his Fans of how dangerous of a person he is, failing in the process.


  • Use the mic to warn the Fans
  • Defend yourself
  • Hide from the fans

In-Game DescriptionEdit

They need to know!

They think I'm an IMPERSONATOR? Have I lost Lightbearer aura? How much lower can I sink?

They won't listen! I need to get away, someplace I can't hurt anyone!. Maybe I can use that dumb waiter in the kitchen to make my escape?


After Nick attempts to tell his Fans how dangerous of a person he is to them, they will not believe him and instead begin to attack him. Defeat all eight of them to continue forward.

When this is done, go to the kitchen area and exit through the Dumbwaiter next to the fridge. This will lead to Nick ending up in the basement of the hotel, ending the quest.

Trivia Edit

  • Mock Rockers (otherwise known as Glam Punk) is a term used retrospectively to describe a short lived trend for bands which produced a form of proto-punk.
  • There seems to be a typo in the In-Game description, as there is a dot next to the exclamation mark in the note.
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