The Military Uniform is an outfit worn by soldiers as well as Ollie Starkey. It is a simple khaki-brown colored British army infantry uniform, supposedly that of a sergeant.

Overview Edit

The Military Uniform is function-wise identical to the Torn Suit and conforms in the Garden District, allowing the player to move about without raising suspicion.

Likewise, wearing it in Hamlyn Village or the Parade District will cause Wellies to become suspicious and eventually hostile, as the suit reminds them of the city's upsetting past.

Compared to the Torn Suit, however, the Military Uniform has one significant difference in that it also conforms in Ravensholm, allowing the player to move about in and around the military camp without trespassing. However, it should be noted that this only works for Arthur.

Acquisition Edit

The player first acquires the suit during the quest, Old Soldiers. In which Arthur's reward is Col. Lawrence's military outfit. Since the uniform conforms on Ravensholm, Arthur can go back to the Victory Memorial Camp and loot the area if he didn't do so during Band of Brothers.

In Survival Mode, Ollie can use his uniform to craft a Boiler Suit and vice versa, allowing him to cycle back and forth between the two.

Trivia Edit

  • Ollie has this uniform from the start in Act III and Survival Mode, although his version is a bit more worn and mended, with several stitches in various places, and with Margaret's headband on his left wrist.
  • There exists a separate version of the Military Uniform known as the Shabby Military Uniform, which is function-wise identical to the regular military suit but looks dirtier and more worn. It can only be obtained through console commands.
  • In older versions, Arthur was able to get the bottom part of the uniform during the quest too. Some monologue lines are still left over that hint towards the pants existence, but the only way of actually getting them is through console commands.

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