Mikey Forrester is a wellie that runs a clinic for hospital patients. He agrees to give Sally Boyle details on a patient who dealt with mustard gas. Meeting her in the alleyway behind the Old Government Printing Office in Maidenholm. Mikey complains that he could lose his job if anyone found out. He leaves her after she gives him a note.

Appearance Edit

"I suppose they don't really want to know the truth."
— Mikey as he leaves Sally in the alley.
Mikey is a man with brown hair and brown eyes, he wears a black pie hat, a white shirt with a brown vest on top, black pants and black shoes.

Trivia: Edit

  • He shares the same as fictional character from the movie Trainspotting (1996), a British black comedy crime film.
  • The man that Sally meets in Act One is someone different from Mikey.
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