Item seen in game.

A Memory (or Gilded Pleasure Mask as seen in Survival Mode) is an item represented in the game by a floating Happy Face Mask, with a title underneath.

They can be found throughout the Story Mode to provide the player with background information about the character they are playing as.

It's implied that these memories occur when the playable character finds something that sparks their once forgotten memories, remembering them again

List of Memories

Arthur Hastings

Sally Boyle

Ollie Starkey


  • During Survival Mode, Gilded Pleasure Masks are used to gather up skill points. As the player cannot do any quests.
  • Unlike the masks that the female wellies wear, this mask doesn't have an exaggerated smile.
  • Unlike the icon of We Happy Few, the broken part of the mask is on the right side instead of the left side.


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