Memento Morrie is a Story Quest in the Lightbearer DLC. It begins when Nick enters the bar and gets up close to the stage.


In-Game DescriptionEdit

Oh, worse luck. It had to be Morrie, of all people. I suppose I\ll have to put up with him if I want to find out about that tune.

I NEED to hear that song! Never thought I'd say that about a Morrie number.


When getting up close to the bar, speak to Morrie regarding the song he was just playing. Morrie will refuse to play it for Nick as the dancers has stolen the piano tuner, Nick suggests that he can steal it back for him, to which Morrie agrees.

After finishing Going to a Go Go Dancer quest, head back to the bar and return the tuner to Morrie. He will play a piano version of I Have Seen Everything. After hearing the song, the quest ends.


  • Memento Morrie is a play on the latin phrase Memento Mori, translated to english as "Remember you must die." It is also Morrie Memento's name, albeit flipped.
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