This note is found in the DLC, They Came From Below. It is found in the central hub of Faraday's underground facility on a controls counter after entering the room via the lounge table button elevator.
"My God! She did it! She made a portal! ... Why didn't she tell us?"
— Roger's quote after picking up the note.

Transcript Edit

August 12, 1959

A great day in the saga of experimental physics. At 3:07 am, I folded space in the q dimension, opening a portal!

If only I could lay it out to someone who kens the physics like I do!

Good news is, the whereabouts of the other end of the portal is not random after all. It is attracted to mass. So the odds of snapping to a planet are much, much higher.

Bad news, the odds of snapping into a star are astronomically (ha ha Helen) higher, as I worked out after I opened a tiny portal and melted half the lab. Thank Murphy I wasn't in front of it!

Once I've found how not to stick a portal into a star, I'll try again.

October 31, 1959

Quite hard concentrating today, as idiots keep rapping on my front door begging for sweets. I am going to electrify the fence.

Fascinating news! More of those bonny blue crystals began growing on the walls the moment the portal opened, and then kept growing until it closed. Are they a substance that wafts through the portal, or is their crystal matrix a function of the q dimensional fold somehow? I'm no materials engineer, alas, and if I told Numpty he'd commandeer my lab.

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