Megiddo Bridge is the bridge connecting Maidenholm to Lud's Holm. The bridge has been quarantined to keep plague wastrels from crossing. Inside a doctor will overlook the player before letting them through. They will be able to pass through if they are either on Joy or Sunshine.

Meggido Bridge changes locations, meaning it is connected to Eel Pie Holm and Maidenholm in Act One and later connected with Lud's Holm and St. George's Holm in Act Two.

The Memory, Brave, can be found on Megiddo Bridge.

Trivia Edit

  • The bridge name is a reference to the Battle of Megiddo in 1918 during WWI between the British Empire forces and the Ottoman Empire.
    • In earlier versions of the game, the bridge was named Blenheim Bridge, named after real Old Blenheim Bridge which was used to transfer vehicles until 1932. There was also a quest at the bridge that the player would have to complete before entering Lud's Holm.
  • In Act Three, plague wastrels have broken through the bridge security.

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