McLethe Bar is the Avalon Hotel's bar, the player can enter the bar during the second part of the Lightbearer DLC.

The Annual Nick-Lookalike Contest is held in the bar each year, and it is also here that the player can find fans wearing heart shaped sun glasses, fake mustaches and fancy suits.

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The player gets in the bar through an elevator, in front of the elevator is the door that leads to the hotel's kitchen area. It is also through the kitchen that the player can get to the hotel's roof and basement.

To the right is the area of the bar, there is a bar stand with a bartender behind and two Nick-Lookalikes chatting with each other.

Next to the bar stand is a pool table with another Nick-Lookalike who is observing his next move.

In front of the bar is the dining area, it is also there that the player can find Morrie Memento practising piano on stage with Dottie dancing on a pillar.

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  • McLethe is a combination of Mc (commonly used as "Son of") and Lethe, one of the five rivers of the underworld from Greek mythology: The river of forgetfullness.
    • Lethe when translated also means "Oblivion". It is related to the Greek word "Truth" (Aletheia).
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