Mastermind is a side quest in We Happy Few. Arthur has arrived in Eel Pie Holm and discovered a large, abandoned mansion. Now he must find a way in.


  • Find a way in
  • Turn on the Power
  • Find the hidden mechanism
  • Solve the puzzle
  • Enter the hatch
  • Turn on the power
  • Activate the track access hatch

In-Game Description Edit

This building looks like it used to be important. What's in it?

What was this building before? I can't remember. There's some sort of secret door, isn't there? How do I open it?

There's obviously some sort of setting that powers the mechanism. Maybe there's a clue somewhere?

Down the hatch! I hope it goes some place nice, without too many rats, or homicidal maniacs...

I hope there's some way to turn on the power, somewhere in this building. It'd be so disappointing if there weren't.

I'll just flip that, and then I can come back here along the old underground tracks, with no fussing from anyone.


Inside the house near the garden pool is a wall with a portrait. Slide the portrait to reveal a 'mastermind' game. To power the wall, climb back out of the window you came in and find another on the side of the house. Enter the room and flip both switches, then rotate the wheel next to them. Return to the wall through the first window. 

The player will need to pick one of four symbols to match to a button and there are four buttons. Players will need to have each button portraying the correct symbol before the puzzle will complete. The puzzle will let the player know which ones are correct. Continue picking symbols on the ones that are not green. Getting the puzzle wrong three times in a row will reset the puzzle. It appears the ones that were originally correct can be used again. 

Once the puzzle is correct, a bookcase will slide out of the way, revealing a hidden passage. Inside the room is a hatch. Use the hatch to get below. Once inside, players will need to find a way to power the door. In the room with the Workbench is a wall with a wheel. Rotate the wheel to turn on the power, then flip the switch on the door. 

Once this is complete, Arthur will be able to fast travel to this location from any already known Safe House hatch. 


Collectibles Edit

Notes that the player will gather Edit

Open Sesame!

Memories that the player will gather Edit

Uncle Henry

Trivia Edit

  • Towards the end of the Alpha build, the player had to get into this same mansion and go down the hatch to finish the game, the player could even go down and see what was beyond the Track Access Hatch.
    • In the final game, everything about the mansion and hatch stays the same, apart from the puzzle and phonograph being put in some time later. Even everything that was beyond the Track Access Hatch from Alpha is still present in the game.
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