The Journal of Margery Flowerdew

April 1, 1964

This morning my garden had turned to weeds,
where once my lilacs grew like reeds.
I took a second Joy at noon,
And once again my garden bloomed.

April 3, 1964

My poor sister, she loved her flowers so. If only she'd had Joy. But they developed it too late for her.

What was her girl's name again? Sandy? Sally? Oh goodness, what am I talking about, it's time for my Joy.

April 6, 1964

Did I have a sister? I must have written down a dream. Relieved my Joy is working. Been spotty lately.

April 10, 1964

The rain it raineth every day, '
It raineth every single fucking day.

April 12, 1964

A three-Joy afternoon, and a bit of a headache. The whole world smells like soup.

April 13, 1964

Is this how it starts? My Joy feels so small. I wake up shaking and I don't know why. The Downers in the Garden District - are they like me without a smile?

April 15, 1964

Never, never, never, never, never --
Pray you, undo this button. Thank you, sir.
Do you see this? Look on her. Look, her lips.
Look there, look there. O, O, O, O.

April 16, 1964

Rue for Mrs. Flowerdew. I remember remember remember. Their little faces in the garden. Oh God, I remember them all.

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