Maid Outfit is a clothing item found during Act III of We Happy Few. It is only obtainable in the Waterloo House when Ollie Starkey comes to interrogate Victoria Byng.

Ollie Starkey uses this outfit (along with some Duct Tape) to disguise himself as the estate's maid when answering the mansion's door, all the while Victoria is locked up in a nearby closet against her will.

Overview Edit

Despite the rather blatant implication of cross-dressing when wearing this outfit, Wellies, Criers, Bobbies, and Joy Doctors will not be bothered by Ollie wearing it, most likely due to Joy, and as such, the Maid Outfit allows Ollie Starkey to move around in Hamlyn Village without problems, essentially making it an equivalent to the Proper Suit, which Ollie cannot craft.


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