Maeve O'Naill Hastings is the deceased mother of Arthur and Percival Hastings. She can be encountered in Act One through the side quest "Walkabout" , as a hallucination. She is also mentioned in memories.

Her grave is found in the Garden District at Eel Pie Holm on a hill and under a tree.


Born in 1912, Maeve O'Naill later met Mr. Hastings and got married somewhere between the late 1920's and early 1930's. In 1932 she gave birth to her first son, Percival "Percy" Hastings. Two years later on 12th October 1934, she gave birth to her younger son, Arthur Hastings.

During World War II when Germany occupies Great Britain and Wellington Wells in 1943, she begins to decline in health. In 1948 when the occupation of Germany ended, Maeve dies at age 36. The family (Arthur and Mr. Hastings) buried her under a tree in the Garden District.

Events of We Happy FewEdit

Act OneEdit

Arthur can come across the White Tree Park, he will feel something strange about the area. The player has to pick up a toy car next to the tree for the quest to be initiated, Arthur will say that he needs to come back at night and high on mushrooms.

When these conditions are met he will see his mother in ghost form and follow her to her grave, upon which he digs it up and find Percy's Portrait.


Mr. Hastings Edit

Not much is known about their relationship, other than being married to each other.

Arthur Hastings Edit

Not much is said about their relationship with her. Arthur always wondered if she knew about what he did to Percy.

Percival "Percy" HastingsEdit

She and Percy had a close mother-son relationship, often struggling to look after him due to his conditions.


  • Maeve O'Naill's name is Irish, meaning perhaps her family emigrated from Ireland to Wellington Wells, New England. This may have been due to the Irish Independence War (1919-1921) against the English.
    • Her name used to be Claire Bennet Hastings as seen on the grave model and from the Pre Alpha build, it was probably changed due to the name already belonging to another fictional character.
  • Through Arthur's memories it's mentioned Maeve began to suffer some sort of illness that made her homebound.
  • There is a chance for a female Wastrel to mention having seen a ghost, but that the ghost wouldn't talk to them.
  • Arthur mentions after coming home from their trip to the specialist in London for Percy, she wouldn't stop crying for a month.
  • Percy may have got his knowledge of flowers from her.
  • She and Percy would spend the most time with each other.

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