Madame Wanda is the owner of the Reform Club, she entertains the patricians with her "magic wand" (The Golden Knocker).

Events of We Happy Few Edit

Arthur Hastings opens the door to find her distressed as she tells him she lost the key to the case containing her magic wand, tasking him on finding it. After finding the key and returning it to her she thanks him for having found it.

If the player wishes to complete the quest but also get the "magic wand", the player can either incapacitate or kill her after giving her the key, be aware that incapacitating her is the better option as it is possible for her to survive the killing blow and alert all of the other Wellies or Bobbies nearby.

After looting her body the player gets the key back from her, allowing them to open the cage and retrieve the Golden Knocker, given that the alarm has also been turned off.

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Trivia Edit

  • Madame Wanda is best friends with Mrs Pankhurst.
  • In early builds of the game, Wanda was a red variant of the regular crier, it is unknown as to why this was changed in later builds of the game.

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