Love Birds is a quest in We Happy Few that Arthur encounters in Hamlyn Village by passing by Dogberry Park.


  • Hide nearby to observe the lovers
  • Talk to Benedick
  • Collect a Night Blooming Nonsuch
  • Return to Benedick
  • Hide near the lovers
  • Hide near the second spot
  • Hide near the third spot

In-Game Description Edit

I'm such a snoop. But I can't help myself!

Well, Mr. Amateur Scientist. Trying to win a girl's heart with pheromones? That's a tad sneaky.

A Night Blooming Nonsuch and I'm good.

I'm hardly a florist, but this will have to do.

Let's see if I can put words in his mouth.

It's almost like writing a play!

Oddly, I've never had any luck with the birds on my own behalf.


Upon entering Dogberry park, Arthur has to hide behind the bushes to listen in on the couple on the bench closest to the gate.

When this is done, Arthur will talk to Benedick, he finds out that he's trying to woo Beatrice with not much luck. Arthur asks if he has tried giving her flowers, to which he responds that she only likes Night Blooming Nonsuches and where on earth he would get those. Arthur offers to get some for him.

Night Blooming Nonsuches can be found anywhere in the Garden District. If the player already has Nonsuches in their inventory they won't need to go and get more.

After giving Benedick a bouquet, he is thankful, though he doesn't know what to say to his love. Arthur suggests that he can hide in the bushes nearby and tell him what to say, do this three times and eventually Beatrice will agree to be with Benedick, as she believes it's better than being alone.

Benedick will reward Arthur with his recipe for Mojo, which will allow the player to sneak past Joy Doctors without them being able to smell that he is off his Joy.


Mojo Formula

Ability to create Mojo in crafting menu

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