Look at all those tanks.

Sally and I used to go and stare at them. Wonder if they were fun to drive. She wanted to be a rocketship pilot, but I think a tank would have made her reasonably happy.

The grownups tried very hard never to be somewhere they could see the tanks, or the Military Camp. And, it being out in the rubble, that wasn't too hard for them.

I wonder why the Germs left them behind. I mean, once they had the kids. Didn't they need the tanks because the Soviets were smashing them to pieces in the east?

There's a very real chance I shall go and get myself killed. It's an odd sensation. On the one hand I'm absolutely terrified. On the other hand I haven't had an adventure since Sally fucked off.

I used to think I'd run into her. How have I never run into her? It's been fourteen years. I want her to explain to me how she could ever have done that. And I don't want to. I want to forget the whole horrible sordid thing and be the Two Musketeers again. I used to have a whole speech memorized.

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