This note is found in the DLC, They Came From Below. It is found on the way to the Generator Room, immediately outside a small elevator sitting beside a power control switch.
"So they've got a whole language! And she decoded it! Apperantly by torturing a robot."
— Roger's statement after picking up the note.

Transcript Edit

January 9, 1961

I have found a node in Watson's electronics that, when I apply an electric current, stimulated it to resume talking. I am terribly proud of myself!

Now to decode its phrases!

February 15, 1961

Fascinating work. If only I had a linguist to help me uncover the grammar of this language.

I'm writing a small glossary of items I can point to. Words for "arm," "head," "gasket," etc. The grammar escapes me. I taught myself German and French because I had to, but I might as well be trying to learn dolphin.

But with sufficient stimulus, I think I can teach Watson to speak English. I got a few linguistics books from the library.

February 28, 1961

No irregular verbs. No suppletive words. Makes sense.

Verb tense by suffix. Invariable.

March 15, 1961

Two forms of "we," inclusive and exclusive.

Two forms of "yes," one to respond to a negative question (French si). All about clarity.

No gender forms. Imagine!

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