Lilies of the Field is a side quest that can be found in Maidenholm during Act One. This quest activates when Arthur Hastings enters a small side park, noticing an old woman named Mrs Sackville crying over a box filled with withered Lilies.

In-game Description Edit

Poor thing. She seems quite upset. I hope no one finds out she's a Downer. Maybe I should see what's bothering her.

Poor Mrs. Sackville. She does miss her Lilies. And I think her friend, too. Violet, was it?

Wasn't there a Villet wossname at the Shelly Street garage? Odd woman. She was a lady mechanic! Rode a motorcycle!

Hang on. There's lilies in the Garden District. Percy was always going on about them. I could dig up some bulbs for her.

Bulbs! Or rhizomes. They're rhizomes, aren't they. What's the difference, anyway?

These look almost edible. Percy said you could eat them, and he was never wrong about plants.

It would be rather awful of me, though, wouldn't it. Poor Mrs. Sackville's last chance to remember her, ah, friend.

She's got a secret garden! I could go have myself a decent salad for once.

This place is fantastic! I never could get anything to grow. That was Percy's department.

Objectives Edit

  • Talk to Mrs Sackville
  • Find a Lily Bulb
  • Give Mrs Sackville the Lily Bulb
  • Find the Secret Garden

Walkthrough Edit

The small corner garden is not shown on the map, though the player should know he's close to the park once they hear the sound of a woman crying. The player is going to need a Lily Bulb to complete the quest, lilies are found in muddy ponds in the Garden District.

After giving Mrs. Sackville the bulb, she will give the player a key to her secret garden, which is also not shown on the map. The player is able to get a couple potatoes, carrots and onions from there. When the quest is completed, the player is rewarded with three skillpoints.

Trivia: Edit

  • The name is a reference to 1962 novel The Lilies of the Field by William Edmund Barrett.
  • Attacking or knocking out Mrs Sackville cancels out the side quest.
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