Lies is the name of a Memory during Act l in We Happy Few. The player finds the memory floating above the podium in the church located in Barrow Holm.

Summary Edit

Percy tells Arthur he lied to Mrs. Boyle about peeping into Sally's bedroom window the other night.

Transcript Edit

Percy: "I lied for you today at 4:15."

Arthur: "That's not good, Percy. You're rubbish at lying."

Percy: "I was a good liar today!"

Arthur: "Who did you lie to?"

Percy: "Mrs. Boyle."

Arthur: "Mrs. Boyle came here?"

Percy: "Her face was all red. And her voice was like Mum when she's angry. And I thought that you would ask me why she is angry."

Arthur: "Why was she angry?"

Percy: "I decided that she was angry... But I decided that she was angry because you were up the tree next to Sally Boyle's bedroom window last night at 8:15 p.m."

Arthur: "Oh... Bloody hell. What exactly did you say?"

Percy: "I told her that I was in the tree."

Arthur: "Oh, Percy, that's very bad!"

Percy: "No, Arthur, it's brilliant."

Arthur: "Why is it brilliant?"

Percy: "She won't make me be in trouble. Because I'm slow."

Arthur: "You... You didn't have to do that."

Percy: "She told me not to do it again."

Percy: "So I promised I wouldn't."

Arthur: "Thank you."

Percy: "I love you, Arthur."

Arthur: "I love you too."

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