Letter of Transit is a story quest in We Happy Few. It is acquired after completing Band of Brothers.


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I can only get out of town from the Parade District. And the only way I know to get to the Parade District is to cross the Mount Badon Bridge.

It's really quite striking, isn't it, all these lovely old buildings?

Looks like a cheery lad. How many times have I lovely-day-for-it'ed him? I forget. He probably has forgotten aswell.

Ther irritating thing is, I do indeed have a Letter of Transit, and it is just beyond that bridge. I'll need to get one another way.

What about the old Government Printing Office? They used to print the Letters of Transit. I wonder if there are any old blank forms left there. Or if I could print one!

Won't he be pleased I've finally got my Letter of Transit. Don't be ridiculous, Arthur, he won't remember a single thing about you.

The only bridge out of Wellington Wells is in the parade district, on Apple Holm. So I have to cross the bridge into the Parade District first.

Unfortunately I will need a Letter of Transit. Unfortunately, because I actually have a Letter of Transit, in my desk, in my office, in the Parade District.

I'll need to figure out some other way of getting one!

Bloody hell. Finally.

Apple Holm Station is underneath the Broadcast Tower.


Arthur makes his way out of the Garden District and into Hamlyn Village, now he is tasked with getting to the Parade in order to finally escape Wellington Wells for good.

After heading over to Mount Badon Bridge to get across, he finds that he cannot cross, as he does not have a Letter of Transit on him. Firguring that he should get one from the old Government Printing Office. There, he meets his old friend Sally instead, who just so happens to know someone who can help. She will get Arthur the Letter of Transit if he gives her a bottle of cod liver oil.

Once Arthur has recieved the oil and given it to Sally, he is given the Letter of Transit and can finally move on to the Parade.

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Letter of Transit

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  • For some odd reason, the in-game description repeats itself about the Letter of Transit being in his office. This is possibly an oversight on the developers part.
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