Note: This note is related to the We Happy Few quest The Scottish Play.

Ollie says the only way onto the Bridge is from the Apple Holm Station in the Parade District. Which means I've got to get to Apple Holm first. Which means I've got to get to Maidenholm.

Did I mention Ollie's a loony now? Keeps talking to some girl who isn't there.

And he's got a sort of shrine to her.

Margaret, that's who he talks to. Sally and Percy and I went to school with a Margaret wossname, didn't we?

And she didn't get on the train, did she? Something terrible happened, and no one would talk about it.

Ollie is very cheery about us going to rob the Victory Memorial Camp, or rather, him robbing it whilst his old Army mates chase me around. Sounds like a lovely way to get bayonetted. I doubt very much anyone's cleaned up the barb wire. Oh, and the tanks. Let us not forget the tanks.

On the other hand, he's promised to help me get to the Britannia Bridge. So I might have to take him up on his offer.

Can I trust him? Of course not. Did I mention he's a loony?

On the other hand, what else have I got?

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