The Lead Pipe is a melee weapon in We Happy Few. It is a metal pipe of moderate length with an l-shaped turn at the end and a red valve attached to the side. 

The Lead Pipe is a somewhat common weapon found most easily in Hamlyn Village. It can be found in toolboxes, drawers, tables, and can also sometimes be looted from Wellies

The Lead Pipe deals moderate damage and is a good weapon for the early to middle stages of the game, allowing the player to deal with most Wastrels and Wellies on lower difficulties. Despite that, however, the Lead Pipe becomes less effective on higher difficulties and in the later stages of the game, as it will become outclassed damage-wise by other more powerful weapons. 

Crafting Edit

The Lead Pipe is used to craft "The Winning Argument" and the Flaming Lead Pipe.

The Lead Pipe itself is not craftable.


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