Nick! My darling, my dearest, my delight!

Smashing news! I couldn't wait, I couldn't!

I'm leaving my husband, Nicky. Oh he's a lovely sort, all right, and he's always been good to me, but he's not my soulmate. That honorific belongs to you, my darling, even though we've met a scant few minutes. I know you feel the same way (please don't feel a moment of embarrassment about not recognizing me last time we crossed paths). I can hear your love for me in the plaintive tones of your voice on your first single, "Forever Ever Ever More." It doesn't matter a bit that we hadn't actually met when you recorded it -- it anticipates our love so soulfully! You don't have to wait any longer!

I'm coming, Nicky!

With oodles and oodles of love,



PS: Do you want an awfully big wedding, or something intimate with just family and friends? Can a bride wear white if it's her second wedding? I can't decide. Oh Nicky, I'm so thrilled!!

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