Kitty Bates is a Wellie who works in the music shop Nick comes by in the Lightbearer DLC, she is married to her husband Richard Bates but secretly admires Nick far more than him.

Lightbearer DLC Edit

Kitty is encountered at the music shop where she works, immediately after getting excited to see Nick at the shop her husband, Richard Bates, pops up and interrupts her from her from speaking to Nick. On the piano Nick will find a note that reveals that Kitty is planning to leave Richard for Nick.

Later in the game Nick wakes up to find her lying next to him, albeit dead.

Trivia Edit

  • She accidentally calls Nick "Lick Nightbearer" before correcting herself and saying "Barenighter", this was presumably done so her husband wouldn't know Lightbearer was in the shop, which he realizes anyways.

Gallery Edit

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