Mrs. Julia Chaney is a former Wellie who attempted to brew her own chemical experiments, but ended up killing her whole family and going insane in the process.

She resides in St George's Holm with her husband Ned Chaney, two random Wellies and Wellettes. They are all brutally murdered with various furniture, found in the kitchen, second floor bathroom and third floor bathroom.

Her house is boarded up at the front, Sgt. Gainsborough stands outside and knocks at the front door demanding to be let in, saying the neighbours have reported about possible Downer activity from the house.

Events of We Happy Few Edit

Act I Edit

During the quest, Mother's Little Helper, Arthur sneaks into her house to return some drugs she had borrowed from Stewart Adams.

When eavesdropping on Mrs Chaney, Arthur hears her talking to herself. Lamenting on her failure to her "Mummy", not being able to do what Sally Boyle can do. She tries to reverse the formula, but it ends up terrible.

The Altered Formula Dexipam is found in the toilet on the top floor.

Act II Edit

Sally learns that the Doctors and Dr Verloc are trying to frame her for the murders that Mrs Chaney committed by planting lousy "evidence" at her house.

After removing all the evidence, the Bobbies tell the Doctors that they will no longer take calls from Dr Verloc.

Related Notes Edit

Julia Chaney's Diary

Trivia Edit

  • She is a client of Stewart Adams.
  • She shares the exact same appearance as Mrs. Turner, a wastrel found inside the hatch on Ratholm.
  • Sally's old home in the Garden District uses the same model and furniture as Chaney's.
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