"Gonna be a busy day for the doctors."
— John Constable at the end of a shift

Constable John Constable (or Constable Constable for short) is a minor protagonist and the playable character of the Night Watch (Arcade Mode).

His main objective is to clear the streets of Downers, Wastrels, Plague victims, Ploughboys, Headboys and Witches before the night shift is over.

The player has to stay alive during each phase while also taking Blackberry regularly. Otherwise, it's game over.

History Edit

Act I Edit

John Constable is briefly mentioned in the Prologue in a newspaper article about "Breeder Riots" from 1951, where John Constable was involved with arresting rioters and was also interviewed later on, giving comments on the incident.

When Arthur seeks to gain entry to Hamlyn Village and goes through rehabilitation in the "Oh, Behave!" quest, John Constable appears as one of the questioners in the entry quiz game, asking the question about what Arthur thinks John will do if he encounters someone doing illegal behavior. The correct answer is "Tell you to stop your rotten shenanigans before I smash you in the face".

He isn't mentioned after this encounter, it's possible to find Bobbies with the same surname as John, but because they're all NPCs, they're not the actual John Constable.

Overview Edit

Compared to the other playable characters, John Constable possesses incredibly high health, has higher than average stamina, faster stamina regeneration, is as fast as Arthur in terms of movement speed and deals as much damage as Ollie.

He also does not possess a weight limit to his inventory, meaning he cannot become overburdened, but due to the nature of the game mode and the fact that he cannot loot bodies or containers, this is of little use.

John Constable does not have a skill tree like the other playable characters, but he does have a special ability in the form of Rage Mode.

In order to activate Rage Mode, the player has to defeat enemies to fill up the Rage Meter. Once it is filled up, the player can activate Rage Mode, which will grant unlimited stamina, freeze the Joy Meter, greatly increase movement speed, moderately increase melee weapon speed and slightly increase attack damage for about 10 seconds. The Rage Meter cannot be filled if the player is suffering from Joy withdrawal, and if the player goes into Joy withdrawal, any progress already present of the Rage Meter will be removed.

Quotes Edit

At the start of a round: Edit

  • "Right then. Time to guard the sheep and hunt the wolf." Ha ha ha.
  • "Now, let's see who's been playing silly buggers tonight."
  • "Time to bring forth order out of chaos."
  • "And now, the shift hits the fan. Ha ha ha ha."
  • "We're a thin blue we are. A bloody thin blue line."
  • "They only have to win once. We have to win every time."
  • "That's right you cockroaches. Scuttle back under you rocks."
  • "It's not every time a man finds his true calling."
  • *Well, practice makes perfect" (Not spoken on the first round)
  • "Roll up for the magical mystery tour. Step right this way."
  • "England expects every man to do his duty."

After defeating a group of enemies: Edit

  • "Right, glad that's sorted."
  • "Might, want, to re-examinate, your priorities, my friends."
  • "You're gonna have a headache when you come to."
  • "That's right. Sleep it off."
  • "You'll be all right. As soon as we get you a doctor."
  • "Allow me to summon a doctor for you."

After defeating a Witch

  • "A key. What does it open, you suppose."
  • "A key. Hope it's not cursed."
  • "No avoiding death. Or taxes."
  • "What's it got in its treasure chest."
  • "I do love opening up pressies. Where's she hidden mine?"
  • "Now, where is your box, miss Pandora."
  • "I like a woman with a big chest. Hahahahahaha."

In Joy withdrawal: Edit

  • "I feel worse than I did in the occupation. I think."
  • "Oh, god I'm thinking terrible thoughts. Where's some Blackberry?"
  • "Where'd all the flowers go?"
  • "Where did all the fun go? Where's my blackberry?"
  • "Why did everything turn so grey? Oh, I need Blackberry that's why."
  • "I need Blackberry."
  • "I need Blackberry, to clear my mind. Oh god."
  • "I don't hit them that hard, do I?"
  • "All we're doing is subduing them, right?"

Buying Joy: Edit

  • "I do hope we don't run put of our pharmaceuticals. Or I won't know what to think."
  • "Please sir, may I have some more? MORE?"
  • "If you run out of money, lad, you're fucked."
  • "I remember when Blackberry was free."
  • "Blackberry never used to cost so much. Did it?"
  • "Tell me the brass ain't takin' a cut."
  • "It's not fair! Charging so much for elementary provisions."
  • "It'd be cheaper to chuck diamonds down me throat!"
  • (Angrily)"If Sally Boyle's getting rich on this...(calmly), well, it ain't right, that's all."

After buying Joy: Edit

  • "And to think that all we had once, was whiskey."
  • "Makes you feel ten foot, that does."
  • "Takes ten years off your knees."
  • "Funny. I can really feel my teeth."
  • (Loudly)"I bet that if we'd had Blackberry, we could've really beat the Germans! (Quietly) Err...I hope no one heard that."
  • "I feel like a lion, meeting Christians, for the very first time. Ha ha ha."
  • "Thank heavens for Sally Boyle."
  • "Feels like Victory Day."
  • "Right, let's have some fun!"

Opening a witch chest (and picking up a gem) Edit

  • "I perceive a bit of contraband! Which my duty obliges me to confiscate."
  • (Tongue-in-cheek) "Well, thank you for your "donation" to the constabulary."
  • "You can hardly expect a decent level of city service without a decent level of taxation. Now can you?"
  • "From each according to her ability, to each according to his need."
  • "Do what love best, and the money will follow."

At the end of a round: Edit

  • "Knock 'em all down. Let the doctors sort 'em out."
  • "It's always nice when dawn breaks before I do."
  • "Right, you lot are someone else's problem 'till nightfall."
  • "Ah, marvelous. I'm gonna get an earful for all these bloodstains."
  • "Hope we left enough of them sleeping for the doctors."
  • "I must go in, for the fog is settling."

Entering the Bobby Popper: Edit

  • "That's a good day's work."
  • "Right, time of a nice hot bath and some shut-eye."
  • "I wonder what the missus has made for breakfast."
  • (Tongue-in-cheek)"Oh, and how was your day, Mrs. Constable,"
  • "Time for a lovely wank."
  • "Like the hangman's bloody drop."
  • "Bombs away!"
  • "Try not to throw up."
  • "Over the top."
  • "And still no nearer to Tippe-fucking-rary."
  • (Imitating)"Take her down under, Number One. But Captain, we're not a submarine!"
  • "I don't see why we can't just walk back to the station like normal people."

Trivia Edit

  • John Constable's ViewModel is actually that of Arthur using the Bobby Suit, and is most likely recycled from there.
  • When using Rage Mode, John Constable becomes the fastest character in the game, with a movement speed value of 202, as opposed to Arthur's 135.
    • This can be pushed up even higher if the player puts on the Boxing Shoes, takes Phlash and activates Rage Mode. In that case, John Constable can increase his speed value up to an extreme 291, making him more than twice as fast as Arthur (Arthur can only ever reach 194 at the highest by using Phlash and Trainers).
  • John Constable reuses many of the voice lines spoken by the White Bobby and some spoken by ordinary Bobbies, but he also has several unique voice lines.
  • John Constable is the first playable Bobby, the only playable character to appear in only one game mode and the fourth playable character overall.
  • John Constable can take Joy without suffering any of the usual ill effects (like amnesia) and can never overdose. This is, however, counterbalanced by the fact that he cannot go without Joy, as going all the way through Joy withdrawal into going off of Joy will result in a Game Over.
  • One of the children listed for the Authority Project name is Tom Constable, it's unknown if they're related to each other or not.
  • His name is a pun, with his last name being the same as the name of his position, causing his title to read as "Constable Constable", as opposed to more normal things like "Constable Waterhouse" or "Constable Rosetti".
  • In Arcade Mode, whenever he enters Rage Mode he recites quotes from the Bible like the White Bobby from Act One.
  • Some of John's lines referrence various things.
    • "We're a thin blue we are" refers figuratively to the position of police as the force which holds back chaos.
    • "They only have to win once. We have to win every time" refers to something that the American writer Dan DiDio said, "The heroes have to win every time. The villain only has to win once."
    • "Roll up for the magical mystery tour. Step right this way." refers to The Beatles song, Magical Mystery Tour.
    • "England expects every man to do his duty." is the signal that Vice Admiral Horatio Nelson sent.
    • "Now, where is your box, miss Pandora." refers to Pandora's Box, the ancient Greek artifact and myth.
    • "Please sir, may I have some more? MORE?" refers to Oliver Twist's line, "Please, Sir, I want some more."
    • "Over the top." is an idiom that essentially means to go beyond reasonable or acceptable limits.
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