James "Jim" Watt is Chief Engineer of Scargill Mines, in charge of digging out Motilene from the cavern crystals under the Parade District. However due to the excessive use of drilling, the mines of become unstable and is sure to bring down the entire Parade from underneath at any minute.

Act IEdit

Arthur encounters him underneath Apple Holm, posing as a council worker that the Executive Committee sent to check up on due to the disturbances.

Jim explains how the workers aren't doing any work, the lack of safety in mining and the possibility of the Parade collapsing. Arthur reassures, and Jim prides him on his ability to get things done.

He jokes if Arthur's a Downer, to which he's nervous at first before laughing along with him.

Related Notes Edit

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  • His name is based on real life Scottish mechanical engineer and inventor of the Watt Steam Engine.
  • A note to him can be found during the first part of Act One, about his previous ex-employee Rupert Underhill who was accused of being off his Joy.
  • Jim Watt is on Sally's list of clients, specifically for Blackberry.
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