The Jacobean Society (commonly also referred to as the "Jack O' Bean Club") is a fan club dedicated to "Uncle" Jack Worthing and his show. The members of the society are referred to as Jacobeans.

The Jacobeans are antagonists in Act III of the game with Ollie Starkey. They often appear on the streets of Maidenholm asking people for donations for the club, as well as discussing what they know about Uncle Jack. Like the majority of Wellington Wells they are heavy users of Joy.



A male Jacobean.


Male Jacobeans can most easily be distinguished by their bright red bowler hats with yellow flowers on them as well as their reddish-brown pinstripe suits, which is their uniform. Female Jacobeans wear red bowler hats as well but have a white dress in place of a suit.

The Jacobean Society has hosted courses of "How to spot Ollie Starkey in disguise" and the Jacobeans are thus capable of recognizing Ollie regardless of what outfit he is wearing. If the Jacobeans spot Ollie, they will become hostile towards him and will attack, although this won't attract any interest from other Wellies unless the player starts running or draws a weapon to fight back.

Events in We Happy FewEdit

Act OneEdit

Arthur briefly encounters male Jacobeans after he completes the rehabilitation test.

Act Two Edit

Sally sometimes talks to herself if she should "borrow" the giant balloon depicting Jack's face so she could fly out of Wellington Wells, this does not happen, however.

Act ThreeEdit

The Jacobean Society is openly hostile towards Ollie Starkey due to Ollie having previously accused Uncle Jack of having been a German collaborator and traitor during World War II as well as Ollie having repeatedly attempted to sabotage Jack's show by using explosives to blow up the TV broadcast antennas throughout town.

Ollie encounters a Jacobean Hilary Charkham when leaving Lud's Holm. Ollie encounters Jacobeans on Maidenholm and St. George's Holm. The final encounter is when Ollie brakes into their club house to steal a party ballon so he can use it to construct a hot-air balloon to escape Wellington Wells.

Related Notes Edit

The Jacobean Society Rules



  • The Jacobean club name is a reference to the Jacobean Era (1567-1625), that the reign of James VI of Scotland who also inherited the crown of England in 1603 as James I.
  • Portraits of Uncle Jack in different periods of clothing are hung throughout the fan clubhouse.
  • Jacobeans will not become hostile towards Ollie in Survival Mode.
    • Jacobeans are present as NPCs for all characters during Survival Mode.
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