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Items are usable objects scattered throughout the world of Wellington Wells that can be collected and crafted by the player, some of which might be useful in some quests.

Items can be found inside of the player's inventory, each of which under a specific tab.


Health items help restore the player's health, some items also cure ailments such as Food Poisoning.

Food and Drinks[]

Food is a rare commodity within the city of Wellington Wells, many citizens do not have access to food due to the devastating food shortage, and what little food can be found may originate from peculiar sources.




Gadgets can be used for various utility purposes such as stealth, combat, survival, etc:


Drugs are used to enhance, sedate, heal or revitalize the player:



Outfits are articles of clothing that grant the player different abilities/possibilities.

Crafting Components[]

Crafting Components are loose items that the player can find all throughout Wellington Wells.

Quest Items[]

Quest Items are items that the player can't put away in their Pneumatic Stash, they don't display their weight or value as they purely exist for quests, or are rewards from quests.

Removed/Renamed/Unused Items[]