Items are usable objects scattered throughout the world of Wellington Wells that can be collected or crafted by the player, some of which might be useful in some tasks. The items can be found inside of the player's inventory.

Health Edit

Food Edit

Food is a rare commodity and supply within the city of Wellington Wells that not many have access to due to a devastating food shortage, what little food can be scavenged is listed here:

Drink Edit

Drinks available within Wellington Wells mainly consists of water spiked with liquid Joy and various types of Alcohol listed here:

Gadgets Edit

Gadgets can be used for various utility purposes such as stealth, combat, survival, etc and consist of:

Drugs Edit

Drugs are used to enhance, sedate, heal or revitalize the character. The drugs consists of:

Weapons Edit

Weapons available in Wellington Wells are usually very basic, but the player is able to take the basic weapons and craft them into something new that makes them far stronger, some of the stronger weapons can sometimes be found in the world. More weapons can be found on its respective page.

Outfits Edit

Outfits are articles of clothing that will allow the character to wander into areas without making the townsfolk fussy, they also include Hats and Shoes. More outfits can be found on its respective page.

Crafting Components Edit

Crafting Components are loose items that the player can find all throughout Wellington Wells, these items are typically used for crafting all sorts of health items, clothes, weapons and more.

Quest Items Edit

Quest Items are items that the player can't put away in their Pneumatic Stash, they don't display their weight or value as they purely exist for quests or are a gift from a quest, some quest items are specific to certain characters. More quest items can be found on its respective page.

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