Ollie says he didn't know the tanks were fake. But how could he not?

Who else knew? Aside from those ridiculous Home Army lads in their antique battle dress?

We could have fought the Germs, if the tanks were fake! All right, it would have been pointless and stupid and they'd have shot us all dead. But it would have felt so much better than doing nothing.

Well, I did something, didn't I.

I remembered the truth while I was talking to Ollie. I wasn't too old to go to get on the train. I lied to the Germans that I was too old, and I convinced them.

Q. How do you lie to yourself about your own birthday?

A. Because that way it wasn't your fault.

Did that constable really believe my little invention about my birth certificate? Or did he decide it wasn't his duty to smoke out one lying kid?

Why didn't I just go?

I'm going to drive myself mad.

Now, I'm just going to find Percy and make things right. That part is true. Absolutely true.

Ollie says I can bluff my way past the Bobbies at the bridge to Maidenholm. All I need is his crazy device. That sounds quite a bit clever than trying to sneak past large trained men with truncheons. Or fighting them.

And from there, on to Apple Holm and then Britannia Bridge.

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