It's All Over Now is the last Story Quest in the Lightbearer DLC. It takes place after Nick wakes up from the fall from Hell.


  • Find an exit
  • Find the stage
  • Power up the stage
  • Defeat Foggy Jack

In-Game DescriptionEdit

A maze? How am I supposed to find my way out?

If I could just make it to the stage, I could hook up to the giant amps. That would give me a fighting chance.

Just my luck -- he's cut the power to the amps. Maybe if I hurl my gold records, I can turn it on again.

He killed Virgil! And my fans! He has this coming! Feel the POWER OF ROCK N ROLL!


Traverse through the maze, there will be small moments where Foggy Jack attacks Nick using blue Happy Face Masks or miniature versions of himself that wield giant Cleavers. Both of which take one chord from the guitar to defeat.

Two mini versions of Jack can be defeated with one blow, if they are close to each other.

Upon reaching the stage, head upstairs and shoot the buttons on each side of the wall using the golden records. This will cause Jack to runn up the stairs and begin attacking Nick with his cleaver, when he's been defeated, multiple smaller versions of himself will emerge. Once they have been dealt with, the real fight will begin.

Phase IEdit

Jack will spawn blue Happy Face Masks that home in towards the player, they're slow at first, but they get faster the closer they get. A simple face melt will get rid of them.

When Jack gets on the ground, two mini versions of himself will appear on each side of the stage, when they're dealt with, the second phase begins.

Phase IIEdit

Here, Jack will spawn multiple blue masks towards the player, each of which has a feminine scream. The player will have to be quick and sharp in order to not get hit themselves.

When they're done with, two mini Jack's will spawn on each side of the stage, when they're defeated, the third phase begins.

Phase IIIEdit

In the third phase, Jack will now spawn large Happy Face Masks that can only be dealt with after being stunned first, to stun them, use the golden records before shooting them with the regular guitar attack. The large mask will split into three smaller masks which will home in on the player, so be sure to have some juice left for those.

Six mini Jack's will appear, two on the left and four on the right.

Phase IVEdit

Similarly to Phase II, Jack will now spawn multiple fast face masks, with the addition of two larger masks at the end. He will continue this until he is fully defeated.

The quest ends there, and the DLC ends with a cutscene of Nick's concert for his Fans.

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Trivia Edit

  • The name of the quest is a reference to the Bob Dylan song It's All Over Now, Baby Blue.
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