Arthur's Inventory

The Inventory is a menu option in We Happy Few.

The Inventory is where players go to see the items currently being carried by their character. Clicking on each item will reveal the item's weight, value, and purpose.

The amount of items that a character can carry is limited by the weight. A player can become over-burdened if they try to carry more than the limit which will restrict movement and affect stamina.

Players can also keep inventory items in the Pneumatic Stash inside their Safe House. The player is still able to craft things even if they are away from the Pneumatic Stash, though this is not the case if the player is in Survival Mode.

The sections consists of Health, Food and Drinks, Gadgets, Drugs, Weapons, Outfits, Crafting Components and Quest Items. For a full lists of all of these items, refer to Items.


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  • In earlier versions of the game, pulling up the inventory didn't pause the game. There was also a delay when equipping weapons or clothes.
  • The very first inventory had a slot for pants, remnants of this can be found in the game files, as the player can give themselves military pants by using console commands. There is no way to actually put them on, though.
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