Interrogation of Daniel Durglass by Constable Jack Constable

Subject lives at number 2, Swallow Street, St. George's Holm.

Subject states that the fog was particularly thick last night. He had to go to the window to shut it as his living room was becoming particularly clammy.

He heard a scream. It frightened him, and he screamed, too. At that, a woman came half out of the fog. She seemed to be struggeling with someone. She opened her mouth as if to call him, but then he noticed a line of red across her throat. Then she collapsed.

Then the man came out of the fog, and stared at him.He says the man's face seemed oddly familiar. The man then disappeared into the fog.

He was about to call for help when a voice whispered very close, "I'm afraid we've come to the end of our time." At that moment, he closed the window and hid under his bed.

At this point, the subject became quite distraught and began shouting that the constabulary must stop this miscreant forthwith. A doctor was promptly summoned (Doctor Trelawny), who administered the usual dose of Joy. At this, the subject perked up quite a bit and departed.

No woman's body was found on Swallows Street, however a Jubilator had recently passed by the scene of the alleged incident.

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