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In The Still Of The Night is a quest in We Happy Few. It takes place in Ravensholm. This quest will teach players how to create and gather Strange Alcohol.

Objectives Edit

  • Pick up Ollie's recipe for Strange Brew
  • Find the Moonshiner
  • Steal two bags of Sugar
  • Increase heat on the furnace
  • Add Sugar to the Mash Barrel
  • Increase waterflow
  • Find 5 Histoplasma Mushrooms
  • Add Histoplasma Mushrooms to Floral Mash Barrel
  • Decrease heat on furnace
  • Decrease waterflow
  • Collect Strange Alcohol

Walkthrough Edit

Arthur will get this quest after meeting Ollie Starkey in Story Mode and entering Ravensholm during the quest Band of Brothers. There is a distillery near the Victory Memorial Camp that can be used to complete the quest.

After locating it, Arthur will need to locate two bags of sugar. They are found near the distillery on a platform attached to a tree, climb up on the wood planks on the pipe to reach the sugar.

Place the sugar in the Primary Mash Barrel. Player's will also need five Histoplasma mushrooms, they can be aquired from the nearby Bog. Add the mushrooms to the Floral Mash Barrel. Arthur will also need Glass Bottles to collect the mixture in. There are a couple near the distillery that can be picked up if needed.

With the Strange Alcohol in hand, the player can drink it to get high on mushrooms in case they don't have any mushrooms on them, they can also be given to bobbies.

In-Game Description Edit

This must be how he put the lads to sleep on the brige. Could come in handy.

Someone's running an illegal distillery around here. If I could find it, I can brew up some of that weird hooch Ollie put the bridge guards to sleep with.

I'll need some sugar for the fermentation.

I remember Ollie Starkey doing this in his back yard. When we were neighbors.

How much sugar? I suppose it won't much matter. I doubt those lads on the dump are terribly picky.

I'll just turn the wheel and open the flow.

Now I need a bunch of those lovely purplish mushrooms Dad was always telling Percy and me not to eat.

Here we go.

We'll let it cool off for a few seconds.

Turn the wheel again.

Drink a bit of this, and you shall have strange dreams.



  • The name of the quest, or specifically "The Still", is a pun on the word "Distill."
  • It is possible to make alcohol out of mushrooms in real life.
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