How to be Sneaky is a quest in the Story Mode of We Happy Few. It takes place during the quest Rorke's Drift Bridge, and teaches players how to use Crouch, Sneak and Distract.


  • Choke out the Headboy.
  • Sneak your way to the next room.
  • Distract the Headboys.

In-Game Description Edit

I just need to sneak up behind him and quickly choke him out before he realizes I'm there.

I feel oddly self-righteous. After all, I could've killed him. Or tried to. Either way, someone would have ended up dead. Can't have that, can we?

I've got to find a way out of here, ideally without anyone knowing I was ever there. Anyone concious, anyway.

These seem like terribly stupid lads. I bet if I throw a bottle somewhere, they'll go investigate.


After being dropped down the elevator by the Headboys, Arthur is tasked in getting out of there before he dies of starvation alongside the other dead Wastrels. Arthur escapes through the vent that leads him to the loo, there the player is informed that they can get skill points through completing quests, with one skill point in hand, the player needs to unlock the Sweet Dreams skill.

Once the skill is bought, Arthur can choke out the Headboy doing his business by the wall. When this is done, he will need to sneak past the Headboy patrolling the sleeping area, if Arthur is noticed by the Headboy the screen will fade to black and he will need to restart in that area. Once that Headboy is dealt with, Arthur can go to the next room.

In the last room there are two Headboys guarding the area, one is sitting on the chair looking out over the entire area while the other is simply patrolling through the first row of boxes and other barricades. The player is informed that by throwing an item close to an NPC will cause them to investigate the noise. By using this technique, Arthur will be able to take out the two Headboys.

Trivia Edit

  • If the player were to fail the first task, it gets crossed out and the new objective "Forget it! Just kill him!" appears.
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