Beat the Game Edit

The goal of the game is to get out of Wellington Wells, simply follow the instructions of the quests to complete the game.

Scavange for Food/Drinks Edit

In story mode, deciding not to eat or drink does not cause immediate death, like in survival mode, but it will take a toll on the player's stamina.

Food is Scarce Edit

Finding something to eat is not too difficult, the easiest way to find food is to search containers like fridges, ovens, and crates.

However, in places like the Garden District, nearly all food is rotten, with the exception of the wild berries that grow all over. Gather up plenty of Blue Currants and eat those until better food is found, or carry them as backup. Rowan Berries is best reserved for medicated balms and sunshine.

Hamlyn Village has a ton of fresh food, specially found inside of houses. Some stores, like the Pub and Cutty's Shop, sell food.

Special locations, such as work sites, may have some kind of food placed somewhere, it's just a matter of finding it. Corpses may also have one or two food items on them.

If playing as Ollie, only save up Honey for glucose syringes.

Don't Be Afraid of Poison Edit

Eating rotten food has a chance to cause food poisoning, but how strong the poison is depends on the food item. Eating one rotten carrot will not cause vomiting, but multiple will.

Mild poison will only cause the screen to blur every once in a while, and it'll go away eventually. If the player has medication for curing food poison they can eat as much rotten foods as they like.

Be Wary of Water Edit

All water in Hamlyn Village is laced with Joy, and fresh water can only be found from water pumps in the Garden District. Tea and Toasted Chicory are good alternatives to water, and Scotch is best reserved to distract Bobbies.

There is only one pump in Hamlyn Village that is not laced with Joy, it's by the old printing office.

Finding Safe Houses Edit

The easiest way to locate safe houses or hatches is to look at the map, the blue icons indicate where they are, additionally, side quests unlock them.

If the player is in need to sleep, there are tons of abandoned houses in the Garden District that have a chance to contain a bed on the upper floors.

Distractions Edit

Distractions can be made by multiple means, the easiest is to throw something that can create a noise somewhere, but throwing items can also target the person one may be trying to distract.

To avoid this, hold down the left mouse button to get an indicator up that not only shows where the item will end up, but also forces the item to be thrown in that direction. The player can cancel by right clicking.

Other distractions include the music box and Rick the Stunt Duck, though the player should be careful so that it doesn't accidentally hit anybody.

Blending In Edit

To blend in with society is one of the game's main features, knowing and following the unspoken rules of the location the player is visiting.

Dress For Success Edit

Clothes are not merely cosmetic, they impact the gameplay, sometimes enhancing it. The player could wear a proper suit to blend in with the Wellies, or they could wear the boiler suit that is not only acceptable by proper citizens, but also allows the player to perform maintenance works (like disabling control boxes) without causing fuss.

Know the Rules Edit

Running and jumping may be allowed in the Garden District, but not in Hamlyn Village. Strangely, Wellies can be seen jumping in puddles as a fun activity, but the player cannot do the same.

Hiding Edit

Hiding can only be done with specific objects, such as rubbish bins. The player can sit on chairs and read the newspaper if they're playing as Arthur or Sally, but not as Ollie, as Ollie doesn't have any skills relating to stealth.

In the Garden District, tall grass with yellow flowers indicate a hiding spot. Crouch in the grass to hide, if nobody saw the player hide in the grass or didn't bump into them, they'll be hidden.

Hiding can also be done by climbing up on higher surfaces above the enemies, though there is a small chance of them still seeing the player this way.

Finding Items Edit

Items can be found by searching containers, though some items are required to complete a quest, most of these items tend to be close by where they're needed, such as the valve for James Maxwell.

Inventory Management Edit

Weight is a system that prevents the player from carrying every single thing on them. In story mode, the player can put away most items in their pneumatic stash and still be able to craft items using the stashed away loot.

All items in the crafting components category can be stashed away, as crafting is all they're used for. Other items, like rotten food, is better off stashed away than taking up weight on the player. Scotch can be stashed away when entering the Garden District, as they don't have much use and only take up more space.

The player should always have a torn suit AND a proper suit on them, as to make it easier when entering and exiting the two opposing Districts.

The player should keep track of items they are likely to use the most of and those they don't.

Throughout Wellington Wells are Inventory Expansions that the player can collect and use, this will not only extend the weight limit, but also loose some weight that the player is currently carrying.

Survival Mode Edit

Survival mode is different in terms of the player not being able to use their items from the pneumatic stash. In this scenario, it's suggested to only have the essentialls on, and to craft items when in the hatches.

Controls Edit

Keyboard and Mouse Edit

Move - W, A, S, D

Sprint - Left Shift

Interact - E

Secondary Interaction - V

Attack - Left Click

Block - Right Click (hold)

Shove - R

Jump - Space

Crouch - C

Holster Weapons - Q

Quickslot 1 - 1

Quickslot 2 - 2

Quickslot 3 - 3

Quickslot 4 - 4

Controller Edit

Move - Left Stick

Sprint - Left Stick (hold)

Interact - X

Secondary Interaction - Y

Attack - Right Trigger

Block - Left Trigger

Shove - Right Stick (click)

Jump - A

Crouch - B

Holster Weapons - Right Bumper

Quickslot 1, 2, 3, 4 - Left Bumper to use item, D-Pad to cycle through

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