Getting StartedEdit

When starting a new game, players will have three options: 

  • Birdwatcher - Explore the world, with just enough challenge to keep it fun. 
    • Health and Sleep are the only stats the player needs to take care of. 
  • Downer - A more dangerous game world, where mistakes have consequences. 
    • Heath, Sleep, Hunger, and Thirst need to be watched closely, as well as other stats. 
  • Vigilante - The game is trying to kill you. Politely, with bigger sticks.
    • In addition to the increased difficulty in keeping stat deficiency at bay, combat will also be harder. 

After choosing a playstyle, players will need to decide whether or not death is temporary or permanent. If a player chooses Second Wind, they will 'wake up' in a safe location with a terrible headache. Alternately, permadeath is final, and players will have to start the game over if they die.

All player will begin the game as Arthur Hastings. He will be happily working at his desk, going through newspaper article and censoring them, covering up anything that could make people unhappy. He comes across an article about himself and his brother Percy. The article is dated June 4, 1947 and brings back a memory that Arthur has forgotten. The reminder of his brother makes him sad, and he remembers people screaming, and losing track of his father admist the chaos. This reminds him to take his "Joy", a drug created to make people forget their past one in which the citizens of Wellington Wells did a "very bad thing".

Arthur has to decide if he wants to remember the event, or take his Joy and move on.

  • Arthur takes his Joy - enjoy the credits!


  • Arthur decides to remember - and the story begins.

While Arthur is at his desk, a co-worker comes in and accuses Arthur of not taking his Joy. He denies and she reminds him of the party he had been invited. to. His power cell quits working. Find a new one in the room and replace it. Once done, take the cell with you as it will be needed in Pru's room. Explore Clive's room to gain a quest. Players can sit at each desk and complete the tasks there. Finish looking around and find the room with the party. 

At the party, it will be discovered that Arthur hasn't taken his Joy and the Bobbies are called. They find and knock him out. He wakes, runs, and locks himself in a room. Players will need to find a way out. 

Movement and ControlsEdit

Keyboard and MouseEdit

Movement - W,S,A,D