The English Vice is a Story Mode quest in We Happy Few that takes place in Lud's Holm.


  • Visit Dr. Faraday
  • What's the ruckus?
  • Talk to James
  • Find a valve for James
  • Bring the valve to James Mawell
  • Enter Faraday's house

In-Game DescriptionEdit

Well, here I go off to lovely, scenic Lud's Holm. Mind the plague victims; they'll talk your ear off. What's Dr.Faraday doing out here, for heaven's sake? And where exactly is he doing it? Someone's not having a good day, is he? He seems quite upset. I wonder if I can help. A valve. I ought to be able to find a valve. He seems really upset. Maybe I can help him out and find him a valve somewhere. There's pipes everywhere; some must have valves they can spare. I wonder if they sell them in stores?

This is a valve. I think. It looks fairly valvish, anyway. Valvesque. Valvular. Now I'll just bring this back to the poor chap with the broken valve. All's well that ends well. And I have a shiny new key to unlock Faraday's house.


Arthur travels to Lud's Holm to see Dr. Faraday so that she can fix the bridge to St. George's Holm. As he gets closer to the house he notices a distressed James who worries that Faraday will send him and Roger away, he tells Arthur he'll let him into the house if he gets him a new valve. The valve can be found right beside the house in the wooden shed. The player can also buy one from the Odds & Ends Shop. Once the valve has been gathered, Arthur gives it to James and is let inside the house.

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