House Call is a quest in We Happy Few. It takes place in the Parade District and is unlocked upon reaching the only open checkpoint to the Wellington Health Institude on The Gravel Walk.


  • Find an Alternative route to Wellington Health Institute
  • Break the Circuit
  • Raise the Shutter
  • Escape the Quarantine Area


It is suggested to have some Sunshine for there are plenty of Spankers and a Headmistress guarding the entrance. Arthur may choose to disable the three Spankers here, or take a Sunshine and run past the securities to the otherside where a slidedoor is. Hack his way into the compound, he then must disable the circuit powering the Headmistress. Pressing the button will sound the alarm but it will not alert the Bobbies to his presence. Go outside and press the button near the Headmistress to raise the shutter. Arthur will then get inside and crawl through the conveyor belt in order to escape the quarantine area.

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