Hope Chest is a story quest for Sally Boyle that occurs in Lud's Holm.

Background Edit

After meeting with The Weird Sisters, in exchange for helping Sally with creating her Blackberry Joy, the Witches ask Sally to help them with some tasks.

Required/Recommended Items Edit

A durable weapon would be strongly recommended to handle the Head Boys that you will encounter at the chest. Conversely, you can use a Blue Molotov, Banger or something similar to take them out quicker since they spawn as a close group.

You will need to use a Lockpick to unlock the chest.

Walkthrough Edit

Find the Witches' Chest Edit

Go down the hill and go to the marker that is displayed on your map.

Defeat the Headboys Edit

Dispatch all four men guarding the chest by any means necessary.

Put Some Bricks in the Sacrificial Chest Edit

Unlock the chest using a lockpick, and then place the bricks that the witches gave you inside and close it. This should trigger a cutscene where Sally recites a prayer asking for the Goddess to give her strength. Moments afterwards, Sally feels like she can carry more items.

Report to the Witches Edit

Head on back to the Witches' home and speak with them about what happened. Sally will tell them that she does feel like she can carry more items, but is unsure as to whether or not that's legitimate magic or just something psychosomatic.

The witches then ask Sally to go visit the Wedding Party Stones, which are said to hold considerable magical power, to investigate something strange going on.

Rewards Edit

  • 9 Experience Points
  • Sally's carrying capacity is increased by twenty pounds
  • Unlocks the quest Squaring the Circle

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